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The Curriculum

Our Curriculum Rationale

We encourage all learners to be the best they can be. We provide a safe, caring and motivating learning environment where high quality learning and teaching experiences ensure a culture of success and achievement for all. We seek to foster an engagement and enjoyment in the pupils for their educational experiences leading to a life-long love of learning.

What is important to our school?

  • We strive for high standards, wanting to make constant improvements
  • We are dedicated to achieving high standards of teaching and raising attainment
  • Children are at the heart of our school
  • We are inclusive and welcoming to all
  • A Christian ethos and Christian values are embedded in all that we do
  • We care about our children and families and demonstrate kindness and respect
  • We consider the development of the whole child and seek to foster resilience and independence for their time at school but also for their future as responsible, active citizens
  • We develop our children’s curiosity and encourage inquisitiveness and a hunger for new learning throughout their lives
  • We are committed to working closely with our parents and engaging them in their child’s learning
  • We maintain our traditions

How did we design our curriculum?

In designing the curriculum, we considered our schools’ contexts and the children’s experiences. We ensured statutory coverage of the National Curriculum, whilst also keeping in mind those things that are important to our school. 

We wish to:

  • Create a collection of memorable learning experiences which will broaden children’s horizons, both within the classroom and in the wider environment
  • Offer an exciting first opportunity for children to explore different curriculum subjects
  • Ensure children gain knowledge and skills, which can be applied in a variety of contexts
  • Seek opportunities to deepen children’s understanding of other cultures, communities and faiths and promote fundamental British Values
  • Ensure that every child has equal access to the curriculum and develop the children’s understanding of equality and diversity

Our aim is to provide our children with an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum that equips them for today and tomorrow. It is designed to recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences, allow children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.

Our Curriculum Intent

Provide effective teaching and learning experiences within mixed age classes

  • Develop a well-planned and sequenced programme to ensure statutory curriculum coverage that values knowledge and skills
  • Regularly assess all children’s progress and attainment, identifying next steps
  • Provide cross curricular learning opportunities when appropriate
  • Use a range of learning outcomes and approaches within lessons
  • Maintain high expectations of independent learning
  • Effectively manage learning environments and resources
  • Ensure all children are challenged and supported to achieve

Improve every pupils’ knowledge and experience of the world that we live in

  • Provide first hand experiences within financial constraints
  • Develop the school community’s acceptance and understanding of diversity
  • Support local, national and global charities

Uphold the school’s Christian values and traditions

  • Maintain and enhance strong links with the local Church and community
  • Ensure regular opportunities for high-quality collective worship
  • Embed Christian Values within teaching and learning
  • Celebrate key events in the Church’s calendar

Celebrate our rural location and heritage

  • Uphold and contribute to local traditions and celebrations
  • Utilise the local environment to enrich teaching and learning
  • Value outdoor learning

Our curriculum planning

Our long term planning for English

Our long term planning for Maths

Our long term planning for Early Years Foundation Stage

Our long term planning for the other subjects of the curriculum

How is learning different in different year groups?

Together with our collaborated partner school we have developed 'Progression Maps' for each of the subjects of the curriculum. These outline the knowledge and skills the children are expected to learn in each year group

In some subjects we use published schemes to support progression

Phonics-  Little Wandle Letters and Sounds

Literacy - Literacy Tree

Spelling - No Nonsense Spelling

Maths - White Rose Maths

Computing - Kapow Primary

French – Kapow Primary

Music – Kapow Primary

PSHE - Jigsaw

RE - North Yorkshire SACRE Agreed Syllabus for RE 2019

PE - GetSet4PE

Should you wish to have further information regarding our school's curriculum, please arrange a meeting with Mrs Ellis through the school office.

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