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School Meals


At lunchtime hot dinners are brought into school, having been prepared and cooked at a local school. The children, therefore, have access to excellent quality hot lunches which fulfil the national nutritional guidelines for children. 65% of the food is sourced within the county of North Yorkshire. There is a pre-order choice menu which ensures that there is always something for everybody.

The price of a hot dinner is currently £2.86 (as at February 2023). This should be paid half termly, though may be paid weekly if wished through School Money.

Children may also choose to bring a packed lunch. In the interest of safety we ask that drinks for the packed lunch are brought in a plastic flask or sealed beaker. No fizzy drinks or sweets or chocolate bars should be brought nor any food items containing nuts or peanuts.

We require one week’s notice if a child is transferring from school dinner to packed lunch or vice versa.


Mid-morning snacks

Milk is available mid-morning, free of charge until a child’s 5th birthday from Cool Milk. Milk is available from Cool Milk for children in Years 1 to 6 at around £15 per term. Fruit is provided free of charge for all children from Reception to Year 2. Fruit continues to be an optional snack for pupils in Years 3 to 6 at a nominal charge.

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